3-Ply Disposable Face Masks (50-pack)

$20.60 $12.60

  • Top Quality 3 layer protection
  • Comfortable and easy ear loop design
  • Metal nose band for easy adjustment
Includes 50 masks (50¢ /mask)


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Disposable clinical supplies are basic to shield places like medical clinics from contaminations. 3ply disposable face mask is utilized in pretty much every kind of human services foundation. This is undoubtedly an ideal method to ensure that staff and patients are not being tainted. This can give them great assurance against microscopic organisms and residue. Now and again, it is important for the patients are not presented legitimately to undesirable residue, synthetic compounds, and different particles. In that circumstance, they can utilize the facemask and ensure that they are sheltered from the undesirable risky particles. The other beneficial thing about such masks is that they are powerful insurance against cross-defilement. In a spot where the delicate patient and specialists are legitimately open to a few sorts of microorganisms and infections, this can be life-sparing and along these lines each social insurance unit should give more consideration to this reality. You ought to consistently ensure that you have enough load of the face mask for your working staff.

Made of top quality materials. These 3 utilize Face Mask fits about any face size with a versatile stretch ear circle and flexible implanted nose cut. This 3 handle Face Mask is worked to cover the mouth, nose, and jawline while giving an agreeable and soft experience. This 3-crease ear circle cover gives Breathable Fabric filtration. This 3 Ply Design is incredible for the day by day use to guard against airborne substances, for example, dust, dust, smoke, air contamination, and substantially more. Box accompanies 50 masks. 50-pieces Disposable 3 Ply Ear Loop Breathable Face Guard Masks.

Made of top-quality materials

3-utilize face veil fits about any face size with a flexible stretch ear circle

Faceguard masks

Disposable masks

Box of 50

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